What tax years are available for e-file? Only the 2016 tax year is available.

What state returns can I e-file? Please refer to the State Returns button on our homepage.

How much does e-file cost? Please refer to the Our Prices button on our homepage.

How can I get my email key resent? Click the blue button on our homepage and follow the FYI instruction displayed on the page you are taken to.

I forgot the username and/or password I setup when I started my return. What do I do? Send us an email -or- (if you haven't e-filed yet) use another email address and start over.

The Federal tax displayed on the form does not agree to what is shown in the tax table. Why? If you have qualified dividends and/or capital gains the worksheet in the instructions is used to compute your tax.

My withholdings are being double counted on the state and local taxes line displayed in Schedule A. Why? Return to your itemized deductions input (under Section 3). As noted on the input screen - we automatically pick up withholdings from W-2s, etc... so don't enter them again in the itemized deduction screen.

I e-filed a return and I am logging back in to look at it -OR- I am making corrections to a rejected return and my bank/financial account number is not displayed. Why? For security reasons we don't display the account number you entered when you made your submission. If you are making corrections to a rejected return you need to reenter your account number in order to make another submission.