When you e-file the process is fast, easy, convenient, accurate, and secure. Government computers quickly and automatically check for errors or other missing information. The error rate for a return using e-file is less than 1 percent. Your bank account information is safeguarded along with other tax return information.

The online e-file process is relatively simple. Instead of preparing your return by hand and mailing it, you enter your information using a computer connected to the internet. As you enter your information, it is transferred to our secure server over the internet. This transfer process is encrypted by a SSL connection. This means that information going back and forth between your computer and our secure server is scrambled and is useless if intercepted by a third party.

Once you have entered and printed your return you decide if you want to use our software. If you do you need to pay our fee using a (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) credit card. In order to make your payment we send you through a secure credit card processor gateway which functions in the same way as a credit card (swipe) machine does in a retail store. Neither average1040.com nor the government has access to your credit card number. You share this information directly with the credit card processor within their secure gateway. Once you have made your payment the credit card processor returns you to us through the secure gateway.

After you have made a credit card payment, we transmit your return to the government. They respond back to us with a resulting acceptance or rejection within 24 hours (72 hours between late April and the end of the filing season) for a Federal return and an additional 1 to 2 business days for a state return. We relay the acceptance or rejection to you via email.

The refund from a return filed on paper typically takes 4-6 weeks. The refund from an e-filed return is typically issued in half the time (2-3 weeks). If you e-file using Direct Deposit this time is reduced to as few as 7 days.

What about the attachment of things like W-2 forms? Well, there is no W-2 attachment requirement. This is because you keypunch all of your W-2 information when you prepare your return and because of this your W-2 forms are transmitted electronically along with your return.